Toothless Jumping Clay & Painting Workshop


Craft your very own Toothless with a magically painted wooden base to sit on in our Toothless Jumping Clay & Painting workshop. In this art workshop, you will get to learn both clay modeling and acrylic painting techniques.

We will show you the steps for you to create your friendly little Toothless character using jumping clay with ease. Learn to use simple tools to craft out details and understand the techniques involved to craft different shapes for different parts of Toothless.

For the wooden base, learn how to create swirls of colours against a black background colour using acrylic paints to create the impression of the magical hidden world where the dragons live in. Decorate the wooden base with shiny crystals to add that final touch of magic and mystery to your work.

Learning objectives:
• 3D visualisation and execution
• Clay Modeling techniques
• Understanding of facial features
• Acrylic painting technques - contrast of colours

Fees & Schedule

Class will be on 11 June, Tuesday 10 AM – 12.30PM
• $60 per pax

* Sign up as a group of 2 pax for a 10% discount.
* All Art Senze students get to enjoy 15% discount.

Terms & Conditions

• Vouchers purchased will be valid for the course running from 11th June 2019.
• Advance booking of classes required.
• The promotion is non-transferable, non-refundable and non-applicable with other promotions or discounts.
• Art Senze reserves the right to change the promotion at their own discretion.